About Us

Protecting & Restoring Your Commercial Building

Who we are

We focus on providing our clients with high-quality solutions.

Ncase Partners puts client needs at the forefront. As your go-to adviser, we provide a customized approach and recommend roofing solutions engineered to meet the specific needs of your building. With environmentally conscious, sustainable alternatives to traditional roofing and waterproofing technologies, our results have earned the trust of some of the most renowned industrial and institutional organizations worldwide.

Triton Liquid Applied Membranes Commercial Roofing

Top-to-Bottom Building Restoration

Ncase Partners is a Building Envelope Style company that offers repairs and waterproofing from foundation to roof for commercial buildings.

Our values

We Put Our Goals & Focus into Every Job at Ncase Partners

No matter the job, we strive to provide the best quality of work for our customers. We provide services that improve the longevity of commercial buildings while reducing our clients’ operational costs.


- Eliminates and Prevents Leaks
- Reduce Operating & Maintenance Expenses
-Improve Building Quality and Increase Lifespan


- Stronger: Industrial-Grade, Flexible, Seamless
- Safer: Non-Toxic, Non-disruptive, Slip-Resistant, No Open Flame
- Sensible: Cost-Saving, Sustainable, Low Maintenance, Lightweight